Connect Quebec and Chinese corporations Assist Quebec and Chinese corporations to expand in local markets

Quebec Corporations→Chinese Market

The Quebec and Chinese market both provides many tremendous business and partnership opportunities. Quebec’s Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) offers high-quality products and service. However, regarding a huge demand in Chinese market, the primary concern for the enterprises is how to find partnership and clients in China. Hence, KDR International Inc. produces effective solutions to help local firms expand their business at minimum cost.

Chinese Enterprises→Quebec Market

KDR International Inc. provides discrete marketing services including:

  • Conduct a comprehensive market strategy plan tailored to the needs of Quebec Investors
  • Adapt your brand for Quebec market expansion
  • Create a series of promotional events to increase the leads in Quebec Business Communities

Our Language translation and local market consulting services:

  • Optimize your business performance in Quebec
  • Facilitate business expansion efficiently in local communities

Media exposure via multi social media channels:

  • Enhance your brand awareness shortly through major media channels (Local newspaper, website, LinkedIn and Facebook communities)
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