KDR International Inc. organizes numerous events such as

  • Information seminars for prospective investors and immigrants with regards to settling in smoothly
  • Galas on an annual basis for more than 200 guests for organizations such as the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women
  • Cultural events such as film festival, visits to local wineries and to beautiful sceneries in the province of Quebec


KDR organizes customized trips inviting prominent business people from China to the Greater Montreal looking for opportunities to invest or to partner up with local businesses.

Seminars & Exhibitions in China

Members of the KDR team have been travelling to China for the past 10 years, hosting seminars and meeting key influential players in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Ms. Kao, has continuously been promoting Montreal and the province of Quebec in China to potential investors and immigrants.  She has created a unique platform by creating strategic partnerships with both Chinese and Quebec business communities.

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