KDR Internatioanl Inc. is proud to announce that the “2018 MIBIEXPO ASIAN TOUR” is held at China World Summit Wing in Bejing on OCT 28th.

On behalf of KDR International Inc. and Diamond Diamond Real Estate Inc., Jocelyn Kao(the CEO) made a welcome speech for all the participants. Upon the opening ceremony, a recap of the First International Investment Exposition in Montreal was shown to the public. The first-ever exposition gained an enormous success due to the tremendous support from Canada government.

MIBIEXPO is honoured to have the corporates from different industries to exhibit in Beijing concerning Real Estate, investment, immigration and education. The aim is to create a one-stop platform that boasts of exclusive business opportunities for SMEs and consulting service for investors and new immigrants from China. The exhibitors are,

Diamond Diamond Real Estate INC

CCSME(Canada-China Small and Medium Enterprises Organization)

Long Yuan Investment Group,


Greybrook Realty Partners Inc

North Star Academy

As an experienced real estate broker, Joselyn Kao and her diamond team have been hosting a series of expositions in Asia to develop Quebec real estate business for the past ten years. However, the initiative of the 2018 Asian tour is not only presenting the opportunities in Real estate industry, but more to facilitate trade and build a connection between Montreal and the rest of the world. MIBIEXPO is currently at an infant stage, but Joselyn has faith in the future of the exposition.

The co-founder of CCSME, Andrew Fang introduced a case of exclusive investment projects for the immigrants at the events. He indicates that besides the traditional projects (Real estate, restaurants and convenient stores), The SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise) in Montreal exhibits a rapid growth with high ROI, hence, the immigrants have more options for the investment, such as private hospital, blood test laboratory, hotels, nursing home, golf course, recycle junkyard, farm, ranch etc.

In the afternoon, Jocelyn outlines why Montreal is the ideal city for investment immigrants across Canada. As a citizen who has been living in Montreal over 30 years, she addressed Montreal’s city development in terms of construction, security, education, finance, medication, culture, history, traffic as well as pricing. Furthermore, Madame. Kao also listed the popular real estate projects in the city.

Flora Guan, the director of Bank of Montreal Beijing Branch, specified the matters and precautions after the new immigrants landed. Moreover, her working and living experience in Canada helps the audience to have a better approach to the lifestyle, mortgage and tax policies in the country.

Madam.Yanqing Hu(Senior consulting manager) represents Jin BeiFang Exit-Entry Service Group Canada Branch, delivered an information session about the latest immigration Policies in Canada and Quebec’s potential immigration projects. Besides, she also conducts a comprehensive analysis of the SINP-Entrepreneur, investment immigration and self-employed immigration.

During the one day event, every guest is able to have a one on one conversation and free advisory with the exhibitors at the booth. The engagement with the exhibitors enables the guest to have a more in-depth understanding of the investment opportunities in Quebec.

KDR International Inc. closed up the exposition with an onsite raffle- a free round-trip flight between Beijing and Montreal.

Thanks for everyone who participated the expo and look forward to seeing you next year!

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